Considering that the skin is the largest organ of the human body, one might think that it gets a lot of attention, when actually it doesn’t. Our skin is the first thing protecting us from environmental factor and, sometimes, the first indicator or serious health conditions. And yet people neglect the importance of regular check-ups, leaving the dermatologist last on the list. This is not a recommended approach; there are many reasons why a skin check Brisbane can help you have amazing skin and even save your life. Here are just three of them.

You can prevent skin conditions or detect them early

One of the biggest mistakes people make is wait for a skin lesion to hurt until they go see a doctor. Unfortunately, by the time this happens, it’s already too late. Take skin cancer for instance; when diagnosed early, it has very high survival rates, but people don’t see a doctor when a skin lesion or mole is small and barely noticeable. They usually postpone this until it starts to hurt, bleed or becomes uncomfortable. To detect such problems early, you should go to a check-up every twelve months. The consultation doesn’t take more than a few minutes, but it can literally save you years! A professional beautician or dermatologist can usually see worrying signs with the naked eye, so checks aren’t intrusive or painful.

You get personalised skincare advice

Are you having trouble finding the perfect creams and lotions to apply on your skin or feel that you’re not doing the best you can to keep it looking healthy and radiant? In this case, you need an expert to talk to. Going to regular check-ups allows you to ask as many questions as you like to an expert and receive bespoke advice based on your particular needs. Nowadays, it seems that anyone can give skincare advice, from celebrities and TV doctors to beauty bloggers and friends from school – but that doesn’t mean they are right or that you should trust them. The safer and better choice is to have your skin checked once a year and receive bespoke recommendations from an expert.

Better product recommendations

From cheap $5 cleansers at the drugstore to luxury caviar masks costing a fortune, the market is oversaturated with beauty and skincare products. But which one should you buy? And, after you buy it, can you know for sure that it’s beneficial for your skin or that it’s worth the money? There’s only one way to buy these products in a safe way: get recommendations from an expert. After the skin check-up, you can ask the beautician or dermatologist to recommend you healthy, effective and safe products that work for your needs. Salons and skincare clinics usually collaborate with respectable brands (including vegan, cruelty friendly and organic), so you’re not risking your health. In addition to product recommendations, an expert can also how and when to use it to get the best results.