Contrary to popular belief, tap water contains more impurities and contaminants than you think and if this fact scares you, it’s time to do a thoroughly research to learn about some of the major contaminants found in tap water. Today we will show you which are the shocking ways in which tap water can harm your health and the health of your family, so if you are curious to learn more about this subject, read on.


In general, city water is treated with chlorine and other substances to remove the major contaminants found in water. The liquid chlorine added during the water treatment can kill parasites and bacteria although it can not remove all the contaminants found in tap water. In addition to that, chlorine has been linked to serious health effects for humans. Activated carbon filters found in water filters can remove chlorine and other chemicals that are considered dangerous for our health. Installing a whole house water filter in your house can protect you from the damaging effects of chlorine because it can remove contaminants from all water sources in your house. In order to see which whole house filters can best trap chlorine, read some water filter reviews on, and compare the efficiency of the best rated systems.


Regular tap water contains microscopical organisms such as germs and bacteria. M. Avium para-tuberculosis(MAP) which is found in farm animals can be the cause of Crohn’s disease and can cause gastrointestinal illnesses , according to different experts in the medical field. Most of these microorganism can survive very easily in the environment and some types are even resistant o chlorination, so you think that these microscopical organisms can be removed with liquid chlorine, you should know that it’s not totally true. The water filter still remains the most effective way to remove organisms from drinking water.


Pesticides can find a way into the river systems and ground from agriculture and industry, so when consuming water directly from the tap make sure that it doesn’t contain any traces of pesticides. While it’s very hard to tell whether your tap water contains pesticides or not, unless you do some research, you can use a whole house water filter that includes carbon filters to remove pesticides from water.

Heavy metals

Some minerals such as magnesium and calcium are important for food health, while other trace elements of metals like aluminum and lead can cause several health problems. Both aluminum and lead and other heavy metals can be toxic to the internal organs so it’s important to treat water before it’s too late. Most of the heavy metals found in water can be removed by several methods such as distillation.