You probably already know by now that it is very important to heave a healthy diet and consume foods that are considered organic. The pesticides used to tread fruits and vegetables are considered be very dangerous for the human health, but just how dangerous are they? Are treated vegetables and fruit putting your health at risk? Find out more about the impact of eating treated fruits and vegetables in the next article.

Which are the most chemically treated foods?

Pesticides are toxic no matter how you put it. Some treated fruits and veggies contain more pesticides and other chemicals than others, such as apples which are almost all treated with pesticide. Celery, strawberries, spinach, grapes, potatoes, lettuce, blueberries and peaches are also treated with one or two pesticides. While you can’t exclude them completely from your diet, it’s still important to know which fruits and vegetables are more exposed to chemicals.

What are the risks of eating treated food?

The pesticides fruits and veggies are coated with have been linked to hormone system disruption, IQ deficits in children, nervous system toxicity and even cancer. Nonetheless, according to experts and EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) the fruits and vegetables we buy from the market are safe to eat because there contain only small amounts of pesticides and these small amount can not cause severe problems like the ones mentioned above. It is therefore important to buy only from a reliable source.

What about organic pesticides?

All chemicals are dangerous at high doses and this include even organic pesticides as they pose the same health risks. Some researchers that have conducted studies on treated foods have stated that organic pesticides such as copper sulfate, rotenone or pyrethrins are used in significant amount to treat food and they have some health implication. Rotenone exposure can increase the risk of Parkinson’s disease and copper sulfate can lead to liver disease in some cases.

Is it wiser to grow fruits and vegetables at home?

While there are many alternatives to have a healthy diet and make sure that your vegetables and fruits are not treated with dangerous chemicals, such as buying organic food from the supermarket or visit a farmer’s market, you can try to create an indoor garden in your home so that you can make some money savings. If you are seriously thinking of creating an indoor garden, make sure to use LED grow lights for best results. Unless you live in an area where there’s sunny and warm all the time, LED grow lights are your best solution.