There are a lot of aspects that can negatively influence the quality of the meat that you are eating, and if you want to lead a healthy life you have to be aware of the correct methods of cooking it to ensure that the meat you are eating in beneficial for your health. Therefore, take a little of your time and read the following lines to find out what are the healthiest ways to cook meat, ensuring that by applying them you will live healthier and longer, getting all the nutrients that you need from this food product.

How to keep the unwanted fats out of the meat

Meat has fat in it, even the lean cuts that you buy having fat on the edges, and to make sure that the meat you’re eating is of a stellar quality, you have to take a sharp knife and get rid of all that harmful fat that lies on your meat. Also, don’t forget to pull the skin off of chicken and turkey before you cook these meats, the skin being an unnecessary fat itself.


No matter the season, if you have a small outdoor kitchen that is covered and a trustworthy gas grill, you can enjoy delicious and healthy meat all year round. But we have to admit that nothing compares to putting the meat on the gas grill in the middle of the summer, enjoying a nice and cool drink while sharing a laugh with your friends before enjoying the mouth watering food that you prepared for the occasion. Grilling is the only method of cooking the meat that preserves maximum nutrition without sacrificing the mind numbing flavor, requiring minimal added fats when cooking with this technique, and imparting a smoky flavor while maintaining the meat juicy and tender. Moreover, unlike charcoal grills, gas grills allow you to control the cooking temperature, so you can cook different types of meat and vegetables at the same time. So, if you still own an old charcoal grill, you might want to read the latest 2016 gas grill reviews and upgrade to a convenient gas grill.


Stir-frying the food requires a minimum quantity of oil in the pan, therefore don’t worry about the meat being dangerous for you to eat if you stir-fry it, because there’s not a big enough quantity of oil involved for it to become dangerous. Although, remember that this cooking method should be used only when you want to cook bite-sized pieces of meat, and keep in mind that you have to be by the pan’s side at all times when cooking by using this method, having to stir in the pan very often.


This extremely healthy cooking technique involves partially covering the meat in liquid and bringing it to a simmer, setting the heat between 160 degrees Fahrenheit and 180 degrees Fahrenheit. The meat mustn’t be stacked, but rather place it in one layer for it to cook properly, and you can enhance the flavor of the delicious and healthy meat by adding broth, spices, wine, or soup-stock vegetables, the final result being a meal that is filled with nutrients, that is light, and that tastes unbelievably delicious.


Roasting the meat is a very easy and healthy method of cooking, and it’s best suited for roasting a whole chicken or a whole turkey. You can add spices and herbs to the meat that you intend to roast after your taste, and savor the nutrient filled meal once you’re done with the roasting process, getting to finally enjoy meat in a healthy way.