When taking into consideration the prospect of plastic surgery, many patients value the potential health benefits that some operations can offer. Rhinoplasty, more commonly known as the “nose job”, is a favourite procedure that brings about cosmetic as well as other benefits. Although the perks of a “nose job” depend largely on the type of surgery chosen and the desired outcome, it generally has a dramatic and successful end result. There are plenty of reasons why people will choose corrective rhinoplasty London purely for health reasons. Nose reshaping surgery can open the airways in order to improve breathing and can introduce more oxygen into the bloodstream.

What is rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is basically a plastic surgery procedure that corrects and reconstructs the form of the nose either to restore the functions or to aesthetically enhance the nose by resolving nasal trauma. During the procedure, the surgeon makes incisions in order to access the bones and the cartilage that supports the nose. The incisions are made inside the nose and are invisible after surgery. Some small bone and cartilage may be removed, or tissue may be added. Expectations should be realistic, but the fact is that in the majority of cases the treatment has a successful result.

Allowing normal breathing

There are many cases in which rhinoplasty is necessary in order to correct a medical condition. Some individuals are born with structural problems that lead to health issues, while others have nasal obstruction or an issue that has been caused by an injury to the nose. If a patient is suffering from a deviated septum, or blocked airway, then he will be prone to snoring at night, extreme nasal congestion, not to mention significant difficulty when breathing. In all cases, the patient should undergo reconstructive surgery of the nose and septum in order to fully achieve optimum health, namely the ability to breathe normally.

Sinus infections

Rhinoplasty is recommended for preventing future health conditions, such as sinus infections. Patients that have obstructed nasal passages and sinuses will most likely be prone to a range of sinus infections. This occurs as the result of the fact that the nasal passageways have an irregular shape that does not allow the mucus to drain normally, reason why germs build up and cause infections. Plastic surgery can significantly reduce the risk of developing this kind of painful condition and the infections can be reduced to a high extent.

Alleviating allergies

Nasal allergies cause the canals to become inflamed and irritated, which in turn makes it difficult for the patient to breathe easily. Nasal allergies, whether seasonal or year-round, can be caused by deviated septum and enlarged turbines. If these problems are present, it is necessary to address them during rhinoplasty. There are many nasal surgery techniques that are currently used at Centre for Surgery to improve the state of allergy sufferers and the results are often dramatic.

Final thoughts

By reducing the size, shape or position of the nose, it is possible to alleviate breathing problems and look different. If you are seriously considering this surgery procedure, then you should find out what you can expect. For many patients, a combination of cosmetic and corrective surgery is used for good results.