Believe it or not, it isn’t only those in the process of seeking local alcohol rehabilitation centres that could benefit enormously from cutting back on alcohol consumption. Despite the fact that the vast majority of adults are fully aware of the harmful effects of alcohol, research suggests that most of us are still ignoring public health warnings. We know that we are drinking too much and we know that we could benefit by cutting back, but the fact that alcohol has become such a normal part of everyday life these days makes it difficult.

The thing is though, it really isn’t until you dedicate a few weeks to reducing alcohol intake that you realise exactly how pleasant and beneficial it can be.  Short and long-term alike, the difference is quite incredible and almost always leads to those making such efforts never returning to their prior ‘ignorance is bliss’ lifestyle.

Not convinced?  Here’s a quick rundown of six undeniable reasons why cutting back on alcohol consumption right now could be one of the best decisions you ever make:

1 – You’ll Look Better

First of all, alcohol consumption (even at a relatively modest level) has a significant effect on our appearance.  It’s important to remember that as external beauty is directly and intrinsically linked with inner health, it is inevitable that alcohol consumption will have a negative impact on both. Suffice to say, it’s not as if any of us look our best when we are suffering a raging hangover, but the truth is that largely any alcohol consumption whatsoever the night before will make it difficult for you to shine the next morning. Cut back for a couple of weeks and you won’t believe the difference.

2 – You’ll Feel Better

And it of course goes without saying that in terms of your overall health and wellbeing, chances are you have forgotten what it feels like to have absolutely no alcohol in your system whatsoever! Once again, it’s no secret that overdoing it can lead to the kind of a relentless hangover that almost has you seeking medical attention. Nevertheless, alcohol consumption at any level will always have a detrimental effect on the body both at the time of consumption and after.  Even if you think you feel fine now, just wait and see how you feel when you cut down or quit for a while.

3 – You’ll Sleep Better

Contrary to popular belief, having a drink or two before bed does not in fact assist with restful sleep. It can certainly help you fall asleep in the first place, but in terms of sleep quality…well, let’s just say alcohol isn’t your best friend.  Alcohol consumption affects quality of sleep to such an extent that even if you were to get your full 8 hours, you might wake up feeling as if you never went to sleep in the first place. Cut alcohol out of the equation and chances are you’ll wake up feeling quite remarkable!

4 – You’ll Have More Money

Alcohol might be cheap these days, but chances are that if you were to add up how much you have spent on booze over the last five years, it would probably be enough to buy yourself a car, a holiday and a new wardrobe…at least!  The way these little costs add up over time is nothing short of spectacular and terrifying and the same time.  Suffice to say, given the fact that the only thing alcohol gives you in terms of a long-term investment is a higher risk of chronic disease, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out you’d be better off saving at least some of this money.

5 – You’ll Have More Fun

Can a life without alcohol genuinely be more fun? Absolutely it can, if only for the reason that you won’t spend so much of your time nursing hangovers and feeling sorry for yourself. By cutting out alcohol (or at least cutting things down), you immediately discover the fact that weekends are considerably longer than you thought they were and bring to your door quite literally endless opportunities for enjoyment. You may quickly realise the fact that wasting so much time simply for a couple of hours of revelry the night before really isn’t worth it.

6 – Your Family Will Appreciate it

Last but not least, it’s also worth bearing in mind the fact that the less you spend on alcohol, the less time you spend intoxicated, the less frequently you are hung over and the better your health is, the more your family will appreciate both you and your efforts. So it’s worth remembering that when it comes to cutting back on alcohol, it really isn’t all about you and you alone.