Swimming pools are great ways to relax and keep yourself fit as well. By swimming regularly you will be able to totally relax, lose weight and have a lot of fun with your dear ones. It is true that if pools are not maintained properly, your health can be affected in lots of ways. For your information, have a look at the following public swimming pool health risks.

An increased risk of developing asthma

Chlorine is present in public swimming pools and some studies have shown that it increases the risk of developing asthma at some pint in your life. This is obviously possible only if you go regularly to the pool. Chlorine has a scent that can cause lungs irritations, due to the presence of chloramine byproducts. Therefore, swimmers can be affected and can develop asthma in time. Instead of using chlorine to kill bacteria in the pool, the owners can use a robotic pool cleaner that can remove bacteria, debris and other impurities that can cause irritations. Before choosing a certain type of robotic cleaner, it’s best to test the water quality first and check real opinions on the product to see if it can handle the type of bacteria and debris that usually accumulates in the pool. This will guarantee a safer swimming pool with fewer risks of contracting a bacteria.

Swimmer’s ear is another common disease

Unfortunately, there are a few public swimming pool health risks, and swimmer’s ear disease is one of them. This is a bacterial infection which affects your ear and it is quite uncomfortable. It usually appears after a few days from your last visit to the pool. If the water stays in your year canal for several days, then the bacteria can easily grow and infect your skin. Chlorine pools are usually full of germs that can bring on this disease. Furthermore, the imbalanced level of pH can also contribute to the development of this unpleasant health affection.

Swimmers can be infected with athlete’s foot disease

Those who have acquired this disease can easily transmit it to others if they enter a public swimming pool. Other people can be infected due to the pieces of fungi that fall from the feet. It is highly recommended that these people wear sandals or slippers at all times, in order to avoid such unpleasant situations. Water-resistant shoes are the perfect option to avoid infecting other people with athlete’s foot disease. Therefore, make sure you have them with you if you deal with this skin affection.

You can deal with skin and eyes irritations

People who have a very sensitive skin will definitely deal with skin irritations every time they go to a public swimming pool. This happens due to the fact that the water is full of several disinfectants which can affect a sensitive skin. Furthermore, eyes can also be affected. Unfortunately, you can’t do anything about that. You can avoid having irritated eyes by wearing swimming glasses which are quite uncomfortable.