Today’s life style has become more and more static for most people, who probably feel stiff and stuck in the same routine, day after day. So, if you are one of those people who think they are not in the best physical shape, then it is high time you did something about it. Whether you decide to change your dietary routine, go to the gym or start jogging, you will start to feel the positive change within days. It has been scientifically proven that physical activity has a good influence not only on your body, but also on your state of mind, preventing a wide array of health conditions and dysfunctions. In case you have decided to take a stand and do something about your fitness, here is an innovative idea you should keep in mind: playing team sports. These will definitely help you stay in shape, as they provide multiple benefits.

What team sports can you try?

 A lot of people find excuses such as weather or lack of time for not going to jogging, for instance. For this reason, team sports are an amazing alternative, as they can be played indoors, in specialised venues. You have a number of alternatives to choose from, ranging from volleyball, to handball, basketball and even football. Yes – there is a special type of football, called 5 a side, quite similar to the traditional game, that you can play indoors. What is more, they have been proven to have the same effect as running on a treadmill – instead, you just chase the ball around the field for hours.

You can transform your hobby in performance

In addition to just doing something to use your energy and stay in shape, if you feel like the game is becoming important to you, you can even move to the next stage. There are actual 5 aside football leagues in London, so that you and your team can compete in real contests and win prizes. Of course, most fields are made for amateurs, but never underestimate your abilities.  

Train your mind as well

Playing team sports instead of going to the gym has some other benefits. Among these, the fact that you get to learn how to be a team member and how to build a strategy that works not only for you, but for your colleagues as well. You can stay healthy while also training your mind, using your brain to come up with solutions to support your team and defeat your opponents.