While bread is one of life’s guilty pleasures, there are many people who say that it does a lot of harm to our health, fact which makes this very tempting food product a less desirable one to consume. But to be certain if bread is actually bad or not for your health before taking a harsh and unfounded decision, read the following lines to surely know the truth behind these rumors.

It’s high in carbs

All breads contain carbohydrates in them, some more than others, therefore eating whole wheat bread is a better choice for your health than eating white bread. While carbohydrates are considered to be a common source of energy in living organisms, they aren’t essential for humans because we obtain our daily energy requirement from proteins and fats, meaning that the consumption of bread is unnecessary for us.

It contains a lot of gluten

Gluten is a protein that plays an important role in bread making, therefore you’ll find it in all types of bread, but the truth is that this protein is very harmful for our health.
The main health risks that you assume when eating bread that is high in gluten levels are the fact that gluten is responsible for gut inflammation for at least 80% of the people who consume it, this gut inflammation ultimately leading to nutrient deficiencies, the antibodies that work against gluten attack heart tissues as well, causing the appearance of heart disease, and the fact that gluten has even been shown to be associated with certain types of cancers. You can enjoy the best of bread without the harmful gluten if you eat gluten-free bread that you can easily prepare with the zojirushi bb-hac10 bread machine. The gluten-free setting on this bread maker requires gluten-free flour to prepare a type of bread that can be consumed even by people with gluten intolerance.

Bread might contain other harmful substances

The sad truth is that the bread you buy from the store, no matter what type of bread it is, it’s most likely filled with harmful substances like sugar, phytic acid, or high fructose corn syrup. These substances are used in the production of the bread that you buy from the store mainly because they give it a better taste, and they bind certain minerals to prevent them from being absorbed.
The only way in which you can avoid ingesting these harmful substances that go into making the bread that you buy from the store is to buy a bread maker and make homemade bread with it to be sure of what went into its preparation.


In conclusion, while bread might be harmful to you in certain circumstances, if you make it yourself with the help of a bread maker like the zojirushi bb-hac10 bread machine, putting the ingredients that go into it yourself, you’re guaranteed to not put your health and the health of your household members in any danger by eating it, being able to safely eat the tasty and delicious bread as much as you want.