Hypocalcaemia, the calcium deficiency, to be more exact, covers a large spectrum of clinical manifestations, from brittle nails, to severe neuromuscular symptoms. Correctly diagnosed and treated, they may in fact, disappear completely, and proper, modern medication implies no further complications. If you find this intriguing, you might find it helpful if you would have access to some pieces of information regarding Algaecal side effects. A natural result of the lack of chemicals your body must assimilate with the necessary calcium concentration comes as an immediate effect. If interested in finding out more about hypocalcaemia clinical manifestations and possible treatments, you can continue reading below.

Covering a large spectrum of symptoms, it has a life threatening potential

Although having mild symptoms in the beginning, such as brittle nails, hair loss and muscle cramps, they can degenerate in some with a more severe character. For making a clearer image, you must know calcium deficiency can transform into laryngospasm, in extreme cases, heart failure and seizures. Besides those, patients suffering from it may also suffer from papilledema, as a symptom, tetany, ectodermal, dental issues and mutations, ganglia calcification and even cataracts. Neither of these symptoms are worth neglecting, not even the mild ones, since they can easily degenerate in considerably more complicated issues. If you start noticing them, pay your doctor a visit, have your blood tested and see what your options are in terms of remedies.

Tetany, the most complicated symptom

Having the potential of degenerating into seizures, this also has a life threatening capacity. It consists in uncontrollable muscle contractions and it has as a main cause hypocalcaemia. In a simplified explanation of this phenomenon, neuronal membranes become more permeable, gradually depolarizing due to interaction with sodium ions. This causes neuromuscular irritability, numbness in members, tongue and mouth, as well as cramps in the entire body. Although it comes with many physical manifestations, it implies psychological ones as well. It easily leads to extreme fatigue, insomnia, anxiety and ultimately, depression.

Calcium supplements attenuate all symptoms

As a general rule, if your body lacks a certain element, the easiest way of decreasing the symptoms caused by it is by supplying proper quantities of that particular element. Same happens with hypocalcaemia, and finding a trustworthy pharmaceutical supplier can also help in the matter of finding proper medication for your issue. Natural calcium supplements are reported to have the best results in matters of this kind. However, make sure you consult a doctor beforehand.