Most people only drink tap water because it’s their main water source and they can’t imagine being hurt by this trivial habit. However, the toxins you drink along with your tap water are slowly damaging your health and they represent a serious concern. Therefore, you have to treat this issue responsibly and look for effective ways of eliminating the tap water toxins.

Use a water filter

When it comes to protecting yourself from toxins in the tap water, nothing can beat the efficiency of a water filter, a device that retains visible and invisible impurities in the water. Depending on the filtering material they use, water filters can eliminate dust, rust, sand, heavy metals like lead and copper, minerals like calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, bacteria, gasses, and cysts. All these impurities exist in your tap water and they can damage your health and cause serious diseases that can only be avoided by drinking clean and fresh water.

A water distiller also works

Another device that removes the impurities from tap water is the water distiller that boils the water until it evaporates and they transform the water vapors back into the water, only this time, there are no impurities left in the water. Boiling the water removes some minerals and gasses like fluoride and chlorine, as well as larger impurities like dust and sand. This way, the water you will drink will be cleaner that the one running from your tap. Although this device can’t eliminate as many toxins as the water filter, it’s also a good way of removing impurities from tap water. Just make sure you don’t drink distilled water for too long as it removes the minerals from your body.

Boil the water

If you can’t enjoy the benefits of neither the water filter nor the water distiller, you can use the old method of boiling and cooling the water. This process eliminates some of the impurities that can evaporate during boiling and is often used in households where there isn’t a water filter installed. However, it’s the least effective method of removing toxins from the water and it doesn’t guarantee reliable results. For increased efficiency in removing the toxins through boiling, turn on the tap and wait for the water to run until it becomes clearer. This way, the toxins gathered in the water from the pipe it runs through will be eliminated and won’t end up in your glass.