Contrary to popular belief, the real cause of allergies is not a weakened immune system. While this may be a a valid reason for contracting an allergy, most people have seasonal allergies or allergies to dust mites, pet hair or pollen so it can happen to everyone. This article can help you keep your allergies under control and thrive to stay healthy for longer. Here are a couple of ways in which you can stay allergy free.

Get a high quality mattress to keep dust mites at bay

Dust mites are lurking in your mattress and bedding and they are one of the main causes of asthma and allergy problems. Because they are invisible to the human eye, getting rid of these tiny microscopical bugs is a challenging task in itself. Consider investing in a high quality mattress, such as an organic latex mattress that is resistant to dust mites, bacteria or other allergens. As for your bedding or curtains, make sure to wash them with water regularly to kill the dust mites.

Invest in an air purifier to remove air allergens

Regardless of the season, indoor air is considered to be polluted and it may contain viruses, bacteria, dust particles, pollen, tobacco smoke and so on. The most effective method to reduce or remove air pollutants and allergens is to invest in an air purifier. If you install a air purifier that comes with a HEPA filter you will soon manage to get rid of allergies or soothe your asthma or respiratory disorders.

Keep your bedroom clean by using a robot vacuum cleaner

If you want to transform your bedroom into an allergen-free zone, it’s essential to take some measures. Because you spend more than 8 hours in your bedroom, there’s a high risk of contracting an allergy due to dust or other allergens in the air. Keep your floors always clean by using a robot vacuum cleaner. It’s actually the easiest and fastest way to keep a bedroom clean and the fact that many robot cleaners come with additional features, such as a UV disinfecting light it’s very useful, because you can manage to remove germs, bacteria and viruses from the floor. You can also consider investing in a robot vacuum cleaner that scrubs and mops the floor at the same time, so that you make sure the surface is extra clean and free of dust.

Do specific outdoor activities when pollen levels are low

If you can’t avoid doing specific household chores, such as gardening or mowing the lawn, consider completing household tasks when pollen levels are low, otherwise you put your health at risk. Moreover, don’t forget to wipe your shoes before entering your house and then take a shower to completely remove pollen or other allergens from your body.