Nasal congestion can create a huge discomfort, especially when we sleep. Fortunately, there are some simple solutions to this issue which must be applied as soon as possible, in case you deal with this health condition. For your information, here is how to ease nasal congestion.

A humidifier will help you a lot

When the indoor air is very dry, you will definitely find very hard to breathe. In case you don’t know how to ease nasal congestion, you should seriously consider getting a humidifier. This device is very useful during the cold season when the air in your home is dry due to the heating system. The humidifier will add moisture to the air, making it easier to breathe. This is perfect not only for you as an adult but for young children or babies as well. You will find a lot easier to fall asleep and you will also rest very good during the night.

You need to hydrate yourself properly

You can easily break up your nasal congestion if you hydrate yourself properly. Furthermore, your throat will become moist and you will not feel uncomfortable anymore. It is recommended that you drink around 2, 5 liters of still water. If you usually drink tea, then this is the perfect moment to drink a larger amount. Hot liquids will definitely help you recover in a short period of time.

Blow your nose as many times as you need

This is a very important thing that must be done every time you need to. Instead of sniffing the mucus back into your head, you should blow your nose and you must do it the right way. Start by pressing with the finger one of your nostrils while you blow to clear the other. Remember to do it gently. You will see that you will feel a lot better and you will find a lot easier to breathe.

A saline spray could solve your problem

Breaking up the congestion in your nose can be very easy if you use a saline spray. You will notice how your condition will improve after the first use. Salt-water rinse could be another fantastic solution to your issue.

Breathe in some steam

This is another easy solution, which will give you amazing results. What you must do is to hold your head over a pot full of hot water. Breathe the steam slowly, for a few minutes. Repeat the procedure two or three times a day for a maximum effect.