The mattress you sleep on has an essential role in providing you a safe and comfortable sleeping environment and in protecting your health. This is why it’s very important to choose a non-toxic mattress, but the question is how can you tell if a mattress is toxic or not? The following article will be useful when looking for ways to know how to find a non-toxic mattress.

Choose organic fibers

If you are wondering, which might the best mattress in 2016, you should know that the top rated mattresses are the ones made from organic fibers. Organic cotton is the healthiest version when it comes to the interior and the exterior of mattresses because it means that the product has not been treated with harmful chemicals. Many of the mattresses available on the market are made of synthetic fabrics that have been treated with pesticides, meaning they are not healthy by far. Even if you are not familiar with the terms used in the mattress manufacturing industry, it should be easy to choose a non-toxic mattress if you pay attention to the label. You must avoid any mattress that includes complicated components lie boric acid or vinyl.

Read the label carefully

When buying a non-toxic mattress, check the label to make sure it includes only natural fibers for the top, the inside, and the backing. Although you may see an organic filling, the synthetic wrap of the mattress doesn’t make them 100% non-toxic. Make sure you read the label very well so you won’t mistake a mattress that only has organic interior and is covered by a synthetic cover with a mattress that is completely organic.

Natural batting

Organic cotton is not the only filling you can find in non-toxic mattresses and you can also opt for wool batting. However, you have to make sure you remove the padding and wash it carefully so you will get rid of the impurities that gather inside the wool batting. However, the wool can also be chemically treated in order to kill the animal bacteria that could develop in it, which makes the mattress no longer natural and healthy.

Natural latex instead of memory foam

If you check online for the best mattress in 2016, you will come across a lot of memory foam mattresses. You must know that a memory foam mattress it’s a harmful version made of synthetic latex that has been treated with many chemicals. If you prefer a latex mattress, make sure you skip the synthetic latex and go for the natural one that is made of rubber tree without any additional chemicals. The natural latex mattresses are extremely attractive because they are 100% healthy, they are more durable than the synthetic version, and provide a comfortable and natural feeling since there are no artificial materials added.