Most of the people in the world are facing emotional distress in different ways. They deal with their stress whenever they are in any dangerous or damaging situation. They completely lose their courage and confidence in such scenarios. In the result, their stress will lead them to those activities that help them to kill their fears and insecurities.

Stress comes in many different forms and in many different degrees. Everyone has a different ability to deal with stress. They also have different tackling mechanisms. When some people got stressed, they try some certain behaviors such as nail biting or hair pulling. While young adults, try to have drugs or alcohol to get relief from the stress.

Most of the adults commonly face some kind of emotional or mental stress. They always wish to get rid of stress, even for some time. For this purpose, they start using drugs, alcohol or both. No doubt it provides them relief for some time but it also takes along lots of other physical diseases which harm them in a severe way. It also affects their present and future life that they dream to live as an adult.

The Link between Young adults and emotional distress

As we know that, young adults are more extreme and sensitive about their emotions. A little amount of disaster or any kind of tensions brings a lot of emotional variations inside them. Many aspects can cause young people to become over-stressed.

Some of them are:

  1. Exams
  2. Problems at school or work
  3. Sexual, physical or emotional abuse
  4. Relationships
  5. New responsibilities
  6. Moving to a new place
  7. A traumatic event, such as the death of a loved one
  8. New or chronic illness or disability
  9. Unrealistic expectations from themselves, family, friends or culture
  10. Having too high expectations.

These aspects commonly cause emotional distress for young adults that bring them to the addiction, but with the right help they can recover. It is important parents to check how The Holistic Sanctuary tackles addiction.      

Effects of drug addiction over the human body

The use of drugs or alcohol, that is sometimes taken as casual use, has the potential to take you to the addiction. Drugs and alcohol usage can relief you as your all problems are gone and you are free from all stresses. As much you consume drugs or alcohol, you will feel like you are completely recovered now. But in reality, you are actually damaging you more than your stresses or problems.

The drugs or alcohol addiction can lead you to the abnormal heart rates and heart attacks. Injecting drugs can disrupt your veins and infection in your heart valves. Some drugs can also stop your bones to grow properly. This could also make your muscles cramped and make you weak in weeks. The extreme use of drugs or alcohol will damage your kidneys and liver.

So, Alcohol or drug addiction is not the appropriate way to tackle with your distress.

You can heal yourself by distract your thoughts from such kind of problems and try to resolve them with a peaceful mind. It is important for you to take a holistic approach. Understand how The Holistic Sanctuary tackles addiction and take the help you need from Johnny Holistic Healer.