As time goes by, seniors start losing their strength and their ability to perform all the household chores they used to perform when they were younger. Considering their health becomes more fragile, they must avoid the house chores that are too exhausting for them and pose a risk to their health. Taking care of their health means a longer and more pleasant life, so elderly people should absolutely avoid the following house chores.

  • A household chore that represents a high risk for seniors is snow removal. They must avoid at all costs shoveling the snow because this can bring them serious health problems. First of all, their arms are too fragile to lift and throw the heavy snow, and their back can be seriously harmed from all the bending and swinging. But the most dangerous risk is for their heart as they can suffer heart attacks and even die from exertion. Instead of removing the snow with a shovel, elderly people should use a snow blower that is lightweight, fast, and more comfortable to use.
  • The same goes for mowing the lawn which shouldn’t be performed without an appropriate lawn mower. Elderly people are not in condition to strain their back and their muscles while mowing the lawn with a scythe or a scissors. This would be too tiresome and would take too much time, so the fast and efficient lawn mower remains the best option for elderly people who must take good care of themselves.
  • Although it seems like an easy job and there is nothing that could go wrong while doing it, vacuuming the floors can be quite difficult for seniors, especially if they have to vacuum stairs as well. The vacuum cleaner requires bending forward and being careful where you put your step, which for seniors can be exhausting. This is why a robot vacuum can become very useful in the house of an elder as it can take care of the dirt on the floors fast and with no effort from them.
  • Washing the windows is also very exhausting but it can also be dangerous for elders who can hardly maintain their balance. They should avoid climbing on stools or on the furniture to clean a high window because they can fall and injure themselves. This chore should be left to a younger person or they should use a telescopic window cleaner that allows them to wash the windows without having to climb on anything.