Those who have limited mobility can still enjoy the many benefits of workouts. Exercises help relieve tension, stress, anxiety, depression, and they help maintain you healthy and strong. Therefore, if you have mobility issues it doesn’t mean that you should stop exercising because you will live better and longer if you continue working out. In the following lines, we will explain some exercise ideas for those who have limited mobility.

Cardiovascular exercises

Cardiovascular exercises raise the heart rate and increase the endurance. People with limited mobility can easily perform these types of exercises without putting themselves in any harm. The cardiovascular exercises that you can try if you have limited mobility include dancing, tennis, walking, running, water aerobics, swimming, and cycling. A great thing that you can do is to buy a treadmill for home use. The treadmill allows you to set the speed as low or as high as you like. You can put your hands on the rails for support to not injure yourself while using this equipment.

If you have problems walking, you should use a mobility scooter. You can find the best rated mobility scooters, analyzed on the That way, you can retain your independence and take care of your tasks all but yourself. You may think that if you’re confined to a wheelchair or a mobility scooter, you can’t do cardio workouts. That’s not really true. The only difference is that you should do them under the supervision of a professional. Therefore, go to a spa that has professionals specialized in handling people with disabilities, and get the much-needed workout that will boost your health.

Strength training exercises

Probably the best exercises for those who have limited mobility are strength training exercises because they don’t necessarily require you to move. These exercises involve using weights to build muscle and bone mass, and to improve your balance. In case you have limited mobility in your legs, focus on working out your upper body, and if you have limited mobility in your arms, concentrate on working out your legs. If you have limited mobility in your legs, buy dumbbells of various weights and use them to workout your arms. If you have a mobility scooter, you can even do exercises with the dumbbells in a nearby park. Just drive the mobility scooter there, and sit in the comfortable chair while you lift the weights to enjoy the fresh air when you exercise.

Flexibility exercises

Flexibility exercises are great because they enhance your range of motion, they reduce pain and stiffness, and they prevent injury. Another amazing benefit of flexibility exercises is that they prevent or further delay muscle atrophy. Flexibility exercises include yoga and stretching exercises. Even those who have limited mobility in their legs can do these exercises. To be safe, you should do the flexibility exercises in a gym or a spa that has professionals to guide you while you do them for you to remain safe.