The indoor air is often contaminated with harmful pollutants that can affect your health and that must be removed immediately. To help you achieve a higher indoor air quality, we have selected the most common sources of indoor air pollution and we give you the best ways to deal with them.

Source: Mold spores

Mold is a common source of air pollution that can cause serious health problems and must be solved immediately. Mold is usually found in moist areas with high differences of temperature, in rooms where steam is created, or in corners that are poorly ventilated. Besides being extremely unaesthetic, mold is also very dangerous to your health.


Given that the main source of mold is air moisture, the right way of dealing with it is to use a dehumidifier that will adjust the level of air humidity. This device absorbs the air vapors that are the perfect environment for mold spores so the air in your house will no longer be appropriate for developing mold.

Source: Dust mites

You can find dust mites in any corner of your house as these tiny particles can get anywhere and are very stubborn when it comes to taking them out. Although the most common dust mites are visible on your furniture, there are invisible sources that you often overlook. Your mattress is a common source of dust mites because, in its layers, there are hundreds of tiny mites that thrive. Dust mites are also present in carpets, fabrics, upholstery, and in narrow places where you can hardly reach and clean.


The easiest way to get rid of dust mites is to minimize the chances of developing them, meaning you should reduce the number of carpets and drapes that can become their thriving environment. Also, replace your old mattress with a natural latex version that has holes in it to allow the air to circulate so fewer dust mites will gather inside its layers. For efficient cleaning, use a robot vacuum that will get in the narrowest places and will manage to remove dust from under your furniture as well.

Source: Allergens

Allergens can be of various types, from the pollen that gets into our homes every time we open the window to the pet dander of our beloved pets. These harmful air pollutants can cause the unpleasant allergies that make your life difficult and can even trigger serious health conditions like bronchitis or asthma.


The most effective way of dealing with allergens is to use an air purifier that can remove them from the air you breathe. In case you notice that you have difficulties breathing at home and you sneeze or have red eyes at all times, consider installing an air purifier so you can remove the allergens from the air. The best air purifiers for allergies are the ones that use HEPA filters. On you can find reviews of the most efficient HEPA filter air purifiers of the moment.