Eyelash growth serums are without a doubt very efficient and they offer exceptional results. There are some voices who say that these serums can discolor your iris. Are you also wondering if eyelash growth serums can cause iris discoloration? If so, then you must have a look at this article, and at the end, you can draw your own conclusion.

First of all, what is an eyelash growth serum?

This type of serum has become very popular nowadays due to the fact that it can make your eyelashes thicker and longer. Moreover, they also become a lot stronger, not to talk about how beautiful you will look once the serum does its job. Once the whole growth process has ended, you will not need to use mascara anymore, because your lashes will already look incredible. These serums are very easy to apply and the results are usually visible in a short period of time. Nowadays, women have a large range of serums like this on the market to choose from, and they will be highly satisfied with the results.

What’s the link between these serums and your iris?

There are some voices who say that iris discoloration can be caused by an intense use of this type of serums, due to the fact that some of these products contain chemicals. There have been some cases when some women have noticed a little discoloration of their iris, but this sort of cases are extremely rare. Specialists say that those who suffer from glaucoma are more prone to deal with this sort of problem if they use an eyelashes serum for a long period of time. However, in order to make sure that you won’t deal with such a thing, it is highly recommended that you go for a serum that contains only natural ingredients. By doing so, you can be perfectly sure that your health will not be affected. Moreover, there are may other easy ways to obtain the desired result. For example, you can make a great serum in the comfort of your home by using natural ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen like coconut oil, castor oil, or sweet almond oil. These solutions are very easy to apply and they do not cause you any harm. They are not only perfectly safe but extremely efficient as well. The results will certainly not delay appearing. However, in case you are still wondering if eyelash growth serums can cause iris discoloration, specialists say that in some cases this can actually happen. If you choose to buy a commercial serum, make sure to firstly read some reviews in order to inform yourself of possible side effects. You can find trustworthy reviews on eyelashgrowthserum.reviews. Carefully compare the best serums and choose one which contains only natural ingredients.