Although they make your life easier and more comfortable, some appliances can turn out to be dangerous for your health. If you have never thought of this, we bring to your attention a serious concern that should become a priority next time you purchase an appliance or you use one that you have at home. Below, we present you a list of appliances that pose a risk to your health, so you will know what to watch out for.

The microwave oven

Many of you know about the risk that microwave ovens are believed to pose to your health due to the radiations they emit. Some of these risks are true, as the food is thermally processed inside the microwave, which leads to minimizing their nutritional value. This is why specialists advise you to limit the use of microwave ovens unless you really have to. It’s also banned to use plastic containers inside the microwaves because the plastic reacts to the waves of radiation and releases harmful gasses that are carcinogenic.

Gas heaters

While they keep you warm in winter, these heaters are a serious health hazard that can endanger your life at some point. The reason is the release of a toxic and deadly gas called carbon monoxide, which results after burning gas and it’s extremely dangerous because it can’t be seen, smelled, or tasted. To keep you safe from gas poisoning, it’s best that you replace the gas heater with the much safer infrared heater that emits nothing but beneficial heat. With an infrared heater, you will be safe from toxic emissions caused by the dangerous gas heaters. You can check out the most efficient infrared heaters on Compare the pros and cons of each heater, and choose a safe and efficient unit.

Clothes irons

Everyone has had at least one ironing incident at least once in their life, which makes the iron a dangerous appliance in your home. The hot sole of the iron can easily burn those who are not used to handling this item, so you should be very careful around such an appliance. If you are not familiar with ironing, you can replace it with a more comfortable clothes steamer that is easier to maneuver and is less risky.

The clothes dryer

Cleaning the lint filter on your dryer is something you often forget, which is a main cause of fires and injuries at home. A dryer with a clogged filter gets extremely hot and can become an electric hazard, so make sure you perform the cleaning on your item several times throughout the year. Also, never put rubber or synthetic items in the dryer because you can cause a fire and never leave the dryer operate unattended.