ADHD in women remains oftentimes undiagnosed, which leads to suffering and self-blame. Because it has different symptoms than it has in boys as well as a different age of manifestation, it can remain undiagnosed for much longer periods of time. If you are the chatty girl of the group, constantly forget where you park, have trouble concentrating on a single task at a time and become easily distracted, chances of suffering from this syndrome are quite high. Although intelligence is something that characterizes you, you might still have trouble dealing with simple aspects of life, or professional work. Moreover, ADHD may lead to eating disorders, and depression or anxiety. As you can already notice, this syndrome has a different impact on women from men. Luckily, there are certain products, like Addrena cvs that seem to work wonders for improving these symptoms. Below are some clues you might be suffering from it and still not be aware about.

1. You constantly feel overwhelmed

Although men suffering from it seem to have trouble outside their homes, women, on the other hand constantly live in fear and feel overwhelmed by their families and household duties. No, this is not a natural thing, as many might think, this is one of ADHD symptom’s. The fear of failing to meet the society’s expectations leads them to worse issues, such as anxiety or even depression. These symptoms might occur even from their collage years, preventing them to have high study results, despite their high levels of intelligence.

2. Females suffering from it tend to have a history of drug abuse

Because dealing with depression and anxiety, women suffering from this issue tend to overuse certain medication or even become addicted to dangerous substances or alcohol. Eating disorders also contribute to this, making life a true battle for many young women. Also, females have a harder time receiving proper medication for this syndrome, therefore, treating it is a lot harder than in men.

3. Proper products may help

Although hard to find a good product for minimizing the symptoms, there certainly are some great ones on the market, letting females decrease the anxiety levels and the constant fear they live in. Properly searched and administered, they may, in fact completely attenuate the symptoms.

4. Professional organizers offer great assistance for this purpose

For preventing chaos from happening in their lives, the best alternative for all women suffering from ADHD would be if they would somehow manage to hire a professional organizer that may help them with different daily tasks and activities, because keeping up with those seems to be the hardest part. Although they come with a price, when you think about the problems encountered, it suddenly becomes a small one.

If you think you might be suffering from this syndrome, the best it would be to search professional help and medication. ADHD is not an issue to neglect, being responsible for a number of psychological issues.