The hardest thing when you start a diet or when you create a daily exercise routine in order to lose weight is to keep going at it until you reach the desired weight. Unfortunately, most people quit after only 1-2 weeks because they consider that the method of losing weight they chose isn’t giving any substantial results, which is a big mistake, because losing weight is a long term process, especially if you want to lose a lot of pounds.
To keep yourself motivated throughout the weight loss period, you should read the following lines to find out which are the 5 clever ways to stay motivated in this period, by applying them being guaranteed to have success in the diet or exercise routine that you set up for yourself.

1. Invest in a treadmill for home use

Treadmills are quite expensive, therefore instead of buying a gym membership that you won’t even use when you come from work tired, finding it too much of a bother to go to the gym and lose more time on the road, you should invest in a treadmill for home use. The best model to go with for home use is the NordicTrack Commercial 1750 treadmill, and you can buy it for the price of $2550. This amazing treadmill is perfect no matter the size of your home, because when you’re finished with using it you can fold it to gain extra space, the maximum speed that this model can reach is 12 mph, it can incline up to 15 percent, it has a 3.8 horsepower electric motor, it supports a person who weighs a maximum of 300 pounds, and it comes with an impressive number of 38 pre-set workout programs that you can choose from.

2. Join a Crossfit Gym

If you are not the type of person to work out from home, try joining a gym. We recommend a Crossfit gym, because there you will benefit from all the motivation you need. You will work with a trainer that will help you focus on your individual goals, and you will be part of a supportive and motivated community. If you are from a big city like New York, you won’t have any problems finding a nearby gym as there are over 20 Crossfit New York gyms. However, even smaller cities have at least one of not several such gyms, as they are scattered all over the world.

3. Buy clothes that have the size you want to reach

A great way to ambition yourself to reach the weight that you want to have is to invest in a lot of beautiful clothes in which you will fit only when you get to the desired weight. This way you will have an extra motivation to push yourself harder everyday, and if you hang a cute dress by the mirror the motivation will stare you in the eyes every morning when you wake up.

4. Stop weighing yourself daily

A great deal of people renounce the diets and exercise schedules they set up for losing weight due to the fact that they don’t actually see any improvement when they weigh themselves. This is all due to the fact that they aren’t being motivated at all by the numbers they see on the scale, and they lose all their motivation to go further with the weight loss program.
To avoid being negatively influenced by the numbers shown on the scale, you should only weigh yourself the day before getting started with the weight loss program, and after that once every 2-3 weeks, not earlier, the results that you will see motivating you to continue the struggle with the extra pounds.

5. Take photos of your evolution

A fun way to keep track of your evolution while losing weight and to ambition yourself if you start to lose motivation is to take pictures of yourself every morning dressed in the same clothes. This way, you won’t only have a great display of how far a little ambition takes you, showing your friends how much you worked on your figure, but you’ll have a reminder at all times of how you looked when you started, pushing you to go further with the diets and exercises.

6. Convince a loved one to join you

If you are the type of person who isn’t easily motivated, it’s best to ask a loved one to join you. While you can’t ask that person to keep the same diet as you if he doesn’t need to lose weight, you can convince him to at least join you when you exercise, because it’s something from which even a fit or skinny person can benefit, and you’ll have a companion that will push you whenever you lose faith.